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TechBiz Creation&Matchmaking (TechBiz) is not a competition to find new technologies but also a program that promotes business matching for overseas development of Japanese content technology. This program is supported by Visual Industry Promotion Organization and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Selected companies can receive support such as mentoring by experts, instruction in English presentation and exhibition at domestic and foreign events, (DCEXPO 2020 ONLINE, Venture Cafe, SXSW).

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TechBiz Selected Technologies

  • Magical experience realized by 3DCG VR


    We are creating graphically oriented virtual worlds using tools such as UE4 and Blender to create large-scale virtual worlds in a relatively short period of time.
    The members have master's degrees from the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and we create CG using our knowledge of mathematics, physics and architecture. In addition to this, the founding members belong to a magic trick club at the University of Tokyo, and We have been doing stage magic for several years. The technology and production techniques of stage magic have been converted to VR, and we are creating content unique to VR that is different from conventional anime and movies by incorporating eye guidance within the space and story development that does not rely on the narrative of the characters.
    The works created so far have been distributed by Softbank Corporation's VR content platform and have been nominated for VR film festivals in Japan.

    «From Mentor»
    This company designs and produces wonderful VR spaces. The members are highly skilled engineers from the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and they also have excellent design production skills. They have ability that they will enter contests not only in Japan but also overseas, such as the VR Creative Awards in the near future. They have not made a major debut yet, so it is recommended to get ahead of it now.
  • HoloModels™


    An AR app that displays digital figures and items.
    It is great to decorate your space with your favorite character figures or items. Unfortunately, in real world, you might not have enough space at your home, you might not able to customize your character figures on the joint as you want, you might not able to have more fun interaction with your items like voice or video. With our AR tech, we can let you access or customize your virtual items and figures, any time and anywhere.

    «From Mentor»
    "Gugenka" is a virtual figure platform business that allows you to enjoy 2D characters as holographic digital figures.
    You can operate your own digital figures and avatars to create new expressions and ways of enjoying such as interacting between digital avatars and real world.
    Unless you want to miss such a new business opportunity, it is recommended you to hurry to get in touch with this company!
  • Avatar Jockey


    Avatar Jockey, a system that provides an interactive musical experience in mixed reality shared by multiple users.
    The objective is to create a new live music space in which MR is used to enable interactive music performances. Verify how enjoyable this performance system is, and Investigate possibilities for its application.
    Define this new live space as a mixed reality space that has the same conditions as ordinary music performance space, and in which it is clear to viewers in real space that the virtual space is being controlled and a human is doing it. This new space has the following characteristics: ①participants all experience the same sounds as well as the same mixed-reality space. ②Three-dimensional acoustics that have expansion, distance, and direction. ③It allows users to create a musical experience anywhere without the limitations of real space. ④In it, a unique live music space can be created with participants freely arranging sounds with their hands in real space. ⑤Users can confirm the distance and direction of the sound with their eyes. ⑥The music in this space incorporates audience participation. Define space that contains all these characteristics as my new live music space.
    By verifying this, we will propose a new live space that incorporates mixed reality.

    «From Mentor»
    In the age of avatars, Avatar Jockey gives you the new musical possibilities. This technology connects between avatar motion and music instrument. It is completely new way of enjoying music.
  • Interactive online live entertainment app

    Recika Co., Ltd.

    We’ve developed an app that sells digital content during online live entertainment shows. Fans purchasing the digital contents will be given opportunities to interact with the online live entertainment. The performers of the online live entertainment can broadcast the show simultaneously over multiple live streaming service and allow fans to interactively participate. Fans are able to send “hearts” and “requests”, and in return may randomly get digital contents (photos, signatures, songs, videos, etc) and special tickets that accompany it. All the digital contents will be registered on the blockchain and fans can trade or exchange their digital contents with other fans. This application aims to help fan to enjoy the online live entertainment at the same time provide performers a billing system that does not depend on the platform and contribute to improving the profitability of the entertainment industry.

    «From Mentor»
    This software that utilizes blockchain technology enables the safe distribution of digital data on both the distributor and recipient sides. In the entertainment industry, it makes possible to safely and inexpensively provide goods and branded digital products online and at real shows. In addition, it is especially effective for limited distribution of valuable data (paintings, old books, cultural properties, and works of art).
  • XPAND Code

    XPAND K.K.

    XPAND Code is a super contactless link tool for smartphones that can be used in conjunction with QR Code. It compensates for the weaknesses of the QR Code, such as harmony with the landscape and design, and reading the code from long distances. At a football stadium, we have successfully read the XPAND Code from a distance of 215 meters. When read from the same distance, XPAND Codes can be installed in less than 20% of the area of a QR Code. Use the QR Code for short distances and small spaces, and use the XPAND Code for long distances, large spaces, and places where high design quality is required.
    This allows you to make the most of limited space and link from any physical object to your smartphone. Both XPAND Codes and QR Codes can be read by the same apps.
    In addition, by the end of the year, we will provide a system to read the codes without installing any apps. The XPAND Code can be downloaded immediately from a dedicated website.
    Moreover, a free plan is also available. We invite you to try this new experience of connecting things to your smartphone.

    «From Mentor»
    There are many codes in the world and they are monochrome and uniform. They may not match the brand image of your company or service. However, XPAND codes have designability. I hope that the codes, which were just a tool for information transmission will be positioned as a part of the icon of the company or service.
  • Disaster Training VR “RIVR”

    Rikei Corporation

    The VR disaster drills take up less space and save time.
    We have developed various disaster prevention VR programs.
    ・Fire evacuation
    ・Fire extinguishing
    ・Flood, Landslide disaster & Earthquake.
    These contents are packed and easy to use them for each training.

    «From Mentor»
    In order to improve the effectiveness of disaster response, it is important to be able to concretely imagine the impact of the event. Experiencing a crisis event in the virtual space provided by Rikei helps to foster a sense of crisis regarding disasters. As a result, we can expect a full range of measures that should be taken during normal times.
  • Ubimouse

    Chinougijutsu Co., Ltd.

    AI control software operates in the AIR
    AI Software to prevent virus-contact infection from the devices touched by unspecified number of people.
    Devices include, for example, ticket vending machines, ATMs, self-ordering terminals, self-accounting terminals, and digital signage displays.
    Operate without touching the device.Virus infection prevention AI user interface.
    AI recognizes the position of your fingertip captured by the camera.
    Just install the AI ​​software on your current device.No new equipment or equipment replacement required.
    No need of additional devices. You just add the camera to a display or touch panel that does not have a built-in camera and you can use it soon.
    Since you can use the existing equipment you have as it is, you can start using this system immediately and it is very reasonable.
    You can use the touch panel of your device as it is.

    «From Mentor»
    The company has succeeded in developing the software "UbiMouse" that enables anyone to operate the screen in a non-contact manner by combining image recognition technology and AI.
    Above all, this software can accurately recognize fingertip movements with a general-purpose camera mounted on a smartphone or tablet. It is not only used to prevent from touching the screen contaminated by viruses such as Covid-19, but also as a non-contact operation platform which has the potential to change the operation expression on any device screen.
  • VR collaboration service “NEUTRANS BIZ ”

    Synamon Inc.

    NEUTRANS BIZ is a VR collaboration service for business which realizes conversations beyond reality.
    Sharing the VR space with multiple people, NEUTRANS BIZ activates creativity and interactive communication.
    NEUTRANS BIZ can be used for a wide range of business scenes such as meeting, conference, exhibition, showroom and training.

    «From Mentor»
    Synamon’s new service “NEUTRANS BIZ” offers XR space for online exhibitions and large conferences under the covid-19 crisis. Synamon has the potential to expand the new VR business and will accelerate online business communication.
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Event Guide on Wed., November 18

  • 10:00am-11:15am, Wed., November 18
    【Pitch Presenters】 Recika/withID/Chinougijutsu/XPAND
    【Guest Commentators】Total of 12 technology, business and start-up development experts in Japan and abroad

    "TechBiz Creation & Matchmaking" is a project to support companies that aim to expand overseas with advanced content technologies. In this session, four companies selected from a large number of applicants will be challenged to make a three-minute pitch in English to showcase their technology.
    This is a must-attend pitch battle in which experts of technology, business media, investors, and guests from SIGGRAPH and SXSW are invited to comment on the pitches of the four companies, giving dry comments and sharp advice!

    *Simultaneous translation will be provided for the discussion.
    *On the same day at 4:00 p.m., Part-2, another four companies will be pitching in Avatar in the VR space, so be on the lookout for this as well.

  • 4:00pm-5:00pm, Wed., November 18
    【Pitch Presenters】Rikei/Gugenka/Tokyo Computer Service/Synamon
    【Guest Commentators】A total of 12 technology, business and start-up development experts in Japan and abroad

    "TechBiz Creation & Matchmaking" is a project to support companies that aim to expand overseas with advanced content technologies.
    In this session, four companies selected from a large number of applicants will be challenged to make a three-minute pitch in English to showcase their technology.
    This is a must-attend pitch battle in which experts of technology, business media, investors, and guests from SIGGRAPH and SXSW are invited to comment on the pitches of the four companies, giving dry comments and sharp advice!

    *This session will be pitched in the VR space "NEUTRANS BIZ" with an avatar. *Consecutive interpreters will be available for discussion.
    *Stay tuned for Part-1 at 10:00am on the same day, where another four companies will be conducting pitches.

Exhibitors' Event Information

  • Recika Co.,Ltd:『livesola』Trial Events!

    Date and Time: 11/18 14:30-16:00、11/19 10:30-12:00、11/20 13:00-14:30 (JST)

    An innovative interactive live event support system powered by blockchain technology. Easy to build a fan economy for idols, artists, singers and other IP holders struggling to monetize in Covid-19. For more information, (visit our exhibitor page.)

  • Rikei Corporation:A live presentation on Disaster Response Training VR
    (No pre-registration)

    Date and Time: 17:00~17:30, Wednesday, November 18 (JST)

    On various disaster response training initiatives, including natural disasters such as fires and floods, specific content, elemental technologies and results will be explained.

    How to watch: It will be streamed live on YouTube.
    For more information, visit our exhibitor page.

  • Iku Arino reports on her experience with TechBiz technologies!

    Due to covid-19, the event will be held online this year, so we are not able to offer you the opportunity to experience the technologies. However, TV personality Iku Arino came to try it out instead of us! We invite you to visit each of the online booths and watch the video report to experience it with her.

  • Event Guide
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Mentors of TechBiz Program

  • Hiroyuki Ohnishi

    Manager of Sendai branch and team leader of private equity investment at Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. (JAIC)

  • Nobuyuki Tsuji

    Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC

  • Mariko NIshimura

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at HEART CATCH Inc.

  • Tadaaki Hashizume

    Certified Incubation Manager
    New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
    Innovation Promotion Department, Startup Group

TechBiz Exhibitors