"livesola", A blockchain-powered app for digital content sales and online live supportRecika Co.,Ltd

We've seen a huge decline in the number of "real" Live events all over the world and online events are becoming the norm. As a result, the entertainment industry is taking a big hit not just from lost sales of tickets but also goods and contents due to lack of experience in hosting online events. We've developed an app called "livesola" that assists pop stars to engage fans online via live video streaming over multiple video streaming platforms. "livesola" allows pop stars sell digital content during online live entertainment shows. Fans purchasing the digital contents will be given opportunities to interact with the online live entertainment. Fans can send "hearts" and "requests", and in return may randomly win digital contents and rights (photos, signatures, songs, 1on1 video chat, etc) and special tickets. All the digital contents will be registered on the blockchain and fans can trade or exchange their digital contents with other fans. This application aims to help fan to enjoy the online live entertainment at the same time provide performers a billing system that does not depend on the platform and contribute to improving the profitability of the entertainment industry. This technology and business model has been submitted for patent registration by Recika.