What is Digital Content Expo (DCEXPO)?

DCEXPO is an international event featuring advanced digital content technology (*) and digital content.

Progress of the technology used in creation, distribution, and utilization of content such as movies, music, and games not only has contributed to the innovation of the content industry but also might have the possibility to change the world to come.

DCEXPO is a place to be exposed to new ideas, meet people, and find the possibility of new business and new different types of content which have begun creating a new market or have the possibility of creating it, through watching exhibits of advanced technology, experiencing most recent content, and attending lectures given by experts, researchers and creators who are active in the field.

Digital content technology includes such diversified technology as CG; VR; AR; 3D; AI; cloud; big data; IoT; blockchain; drone; robotics; haptics; olfactory system; cross-modal; projection; shooting, editing, and screening; sound; data compression, copyright management, and production management.

Overview of DIGITAL CONTENT Expo 2020 ONLINE

Name Digital Content EXPO 2020 ONLINE
Date November 18th (Wednesday) to 20th (Friday), 2020
Meeting place online(www.dcexpo.jp)
Organizer Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ)
Entrance fee Free

Digital Content EXPO 2020 is the official event of CoFesta (Japan International Contents Festival).


  • JKA Social Action
  • YCF Group of global business