Virtual place in the remote work era proposed by SynamonSynamon.Inc

Now, it feels like online has entered a new phase.

Up until now, online has been referring to flat web/app content, but with the Corona disaster limiting real-life activities, I think there is a need for a new format for online that allows for a richer experience through text, images, video and audio.

It's no secret that the facilities, event venues and offices that were originally created for gathering in real places are no longer 100% operational. Places for the promotion of spaces and things, for sharing experiences, for fostering communication with others - these places are rapidly disappearing.

Can they simply be replaced by the web? It is good at conveying information, but it is not sufficient to replace the current situation in conveying a world view, sharing experiences and creating aimless communication. This is one of the reasons why XR, including VR, is attracting so much attention.

Synamon is working to recreate the real world on the virtual space with the power of user-friendly UI/UX. With NEUTRANS BIZ, we are able to enter 3D (3DCG) deep spaces with VR devices and PCs, and carry out interactive communication and events.

One example is KDDI Corporation's DIGTAL GATE. We recreated a real-life open innovation center virtually with such precision that it could be mistaken for the real thing. Initially, the purpose of the virtual tour was to show the facility to distant people, but after the coronation disaster, the company realized "office tour DX" by conducting a virtual tour of the office that had been conducted in real life.
(Several other similar projects are in progress, and a press release will be sent out in the near future.

The space created virtually can be expanded beyond its original purpose, and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as an office, a company, or as a venue for recruitment events.

From two-dimensional to three-dimensional. We hope you can feel the world in a different dimension, literally.

NEUTRANS BIZ is also the hosting platform for the INTER BEE IGNITION, and we are implementing a new initiative to deliver multiple programs from a virtual space. conference/ignition/

We will introduce the functions that realize the rich experience of virtual facilities with actual examples.

We suggest having a virtual facility as a base of operations for any business activity. Even if the main use is for a specific use case, the strength of virtual facilities is their high scalability due to the lack of physical limitations.

For example, the photo below shows a virtual recreation of our office in Gotanda TOC. You can see how the office is divided into several groups for discussion in the same space. The value we can offer is to create a three-dimensional space with depth, which is different from the two-dimensional web tools.

As mentioned above, I would like to share with you a secret to simultaneous communication in the same space. In virtual space, 3D sound (the way the voice is transmitted depends on the positional relationship and distance between avatars) allows for voice control that goes beyond the real world. As shown in the capture below, the range of audio transmission can be set freely.

And with 3D sound, group discussions are a breeze. You can overhear your group’s discussion while overhearing the conversation of the next group. This makes facilitation easier for the organizer as well as the participants. By using this feature, you can create serendipitous communication opportunities in the office as well as at events.

Synamon plans to use this function to hold a poster session event at an academic conference or an internal company social event.

Next, we will introduce a switching camera for events. Five cameras, ranging from one to five, can be arranged in the virtual space and can be switched at will. This makes it possible to create a performance that will keep the viewers from getting bored.

NEUTRANS BIZ has been used as the event venue for several programs of the INTER BEE IGNITION, and we have made full use of the above-mentioned functions to deliver the event ( (conference/ignition/)

Here are some photos from the pre-recording.

This is a shot of the pre-recording for the XR Pitch Challenge, which will be streamed live on November 19 and 20. A meeting was held while confirming the camera positions, just like a rehearsal for a real event.

As shown above, we are creating new values of experience in the new format of 3D. This is an area that is receiving increasing attention, but is still in its infancy. We’d be happy to work with you to create future user experiences!