Laval Virtual: Invoked Computing

Laval Virtual

Laval Virtual is the European meeting-place for Virtual and Augmented Reality, Real-Time 3D and Interactive techniques.
During five days, this annual event gathers the International Community (scientists, professionals, students...) and General Public. Each year, over 12,000 people visit to Laval Virtual.

Professional exhibition : “Le Salon”
Over eighty companies are brought together in 3,000 sq.m. of exhibition.
International scientific and industrial : “VR Mix”
It brings together specialists and users from research and industry to unveil new methods and the most cutting-edge applications.
Student competition : “Virtual Fantasy”
Placed head to head with international teams to create new virtual and augmented reality applications.
Award ceremony : “Laval Virtual Awards”
Awards are given to the world’s best creations of the year, awarded by an international jury of virtual reality specialists.
Demonstrations exhibition : “ReVolution”
These are artistic and fun, allowing professionals and the general public to discover new developments in virtual reality.
Show for the public:
During the week-end, the general public can discover the latest technological advances in virtual reality.

14th International Conference And Exhibition On Virtual Reality And Converging Technologies

"Invoked Computing” by Alexis ZERROUG, Alvaro CASSINELLI & Masatoshi ISHIKAWA (Univ. of Tokyo)
"Invoked Computing" aims to facilitate Human-Machine interactions by using everyday object as interfaces. Our multi-modal AR system will detect objects and augment them with images and sounds. For example, you can take a banana and use it as a phone handset, or a pizza box as a laptop computer.