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Digital content which has been growing in step with the development of computer technology has given a new horizon of expression to art, creating new aspects of culture besides promoting the game and animation industries. Computer graphics and virtual reality which are among the related technologies to digital content, are not only leading the development of the content industry but also widening its area of application to such various areas as medicine and bio technology.
Digital Content Expo is an international event where those researchers, creators and business people who are active in the digital content area, gather together, exchange newest information and develop a future vision for the digital content industry in five to ten years from now.

Event Name:
October 20, Thursday — 22, Saturday, 2011
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
2-3-6 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ)

Theme of the event

Bridge for digital innovation

As opposed to trade shows where eye-catching booths and new products showcased there are spotlighted, the stars at Digital Content Expo are seeds technologies and proto-type systems which are still on R&D stages and not commercialized yet.
Not a small number of new technologies born in colleges or research institutions banishes before they are commercialized. The phenomenon is often called as ”a death valley.” In order to avoid falling into the death valley, a bridge is needed which can be crossed by people on the both banks frequently and make the people exchange each other.
Digital Content Expo is a place where cutting-edge technologies in the world gather together; researchers, companies and creators think about potential of those technologies from their own standpoints; and innovations are presented to society, playing a role of a bridge over the death valley.

Advantages of the event

This is a highly reliable event organized by Digital Content Association of Japan.
As many researchers, technical experts and creators active in the world attend the event, it is full of chances to develop a new network.
As costs to participate are small, venture businesses and even a research division of a company can participate.
Appealing powerfully to 26,000* attendees and 29,000* viewers of the Ustream on-site broadcasting who are always looking for new information and ideas (*2010 figures).
Many reporters visit the event and it will receive a lot of coverage.

Participation Program

Participation Program consists of the following categories and each event under those categories must satisfy the following conditions and the purpose of Digital Content Expo and will be recruited publicly.


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