01Android women's Group02Esper Domino
03KineReels04E-IMPACT: Multiperspectiverendering for perspective exaggeration
05MRsionCase06Photochromic+ Projection
07copyboard Kakitorikun EN08Nintendo 3DS
09Ergonomic evaluation systemfor stereoscopic content andthe creation technologies10PRIMA: A System for Interaction amongDifferent Time Using Multiple Kinect Sensors
11Bucco -Butterfly Cosmos-123D LED - Sony PCL 3D EXPERTS -
13Ultra-realistic somesthesia14Thermal Device Living Room[Thermo game] [Thermo drawing]
15VITA:Visualization system for Interaction with Transmitted Audio signals16Digital 3D Ukiyoe
17Award Winning Pieces of IVRC201118True 3D
19InteractiveTop: TabletopSystem that Enhances PlayingExperiences of Playing with Top20PocoPoco Freqtric Drums
23Touchable 3D Display24Potential and Applicationof Microsoft Kinect Sensor
25Spherical Origami26Full HD 3D LCD Monitor / Real-time2D-to-3D Image Convertor
27Q-tec Hi-Quality 3DProduction System283DJourney
29Approach to 3D Content of NTV Group303D☆3D Sunday・3D
31THE World Heritage 3D GRAND TOUR32Integrated Twin-Lens 3D Camera Recorder "AG-3DP1"
333D: "The Great Earthquake and Tsunami"34IMAGICA MINI (Stop motion-type 3D shooting system) IMAGICA PreVis System
35DIGITAL 3D TOTAL SOLUTION363D visual stimulus and psychology experiment
Multi-touch large monitor"DuoTouch" 52 inch
37Integral Photography Using CommonL CD and Commercially Available Fly's Eye Lens38ScritterH:"Multiplex+Hidden" Contentdisplaying system compatible with
39“SUSTANIME” project40Application of Digital Image Data
41Open Sky Gallery by using HighDefinition Digital Archiving423D picture "The Jewish race tongue of the magic" "Diving spot・neo"
43The expression characteristic in 3DS44Design proposal for city commuter at the year of 2020.
45Pilot Design Studies design for Next Generation home appliance46ASIAGRAPH CG Art Gallery
47Glasses-free 3D REGZA 55X3 with Quad Full HD Panel48IBM Japan ,Ltd.
49Glassless 3D-Nogla makes our life happy. Life's Happy!50Content Technology of Korea
51SIGGRAPH ASIA52Futur en Seine 2011
53Laval Virtual54Ondz
55Digital Content WhitePaper 201156DCEXPOTV Studio