Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University

Ondz is a multipurpose hand clapping machine.

Touchable 3D Display



copyboard Kakitorikun EN


Kakitorikun EN is not just a copyboard, it’s connected to Evernote. It is possible to upload images to Evernote with one touch of a button after scanning the board. Therefore, you can see the images with PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and any other devices through Evernote application or web browser anytime and anywhere. Also Kakitorikun EN has another function, which is to digitize handwriting letters and to upload images and digitized letters to Evernote. You don’t need to copy sentences on the board with PC or your hand. Kakitorikun EN helps people collaborate well in business meeting, brainstorming, and education.

Android women's Group

Android women's Group



When you put your drink on the TEAM LAB TABLE, it senses your coaster and links with all other drinks on the table by drawing lines.
This table provides you an opportunity to have some conversation with unfamilier people surrounded the same t
In November 2010, TEAMLAB TABLE was used in "Reebock Cafe" which had opened at Roppoegi Hills.



"Change Your Clothes100 times in 1 minute" is an aim of TEAMLAB Mirror.
This makes you possible fitting with pictures of clothes in very high speed.
You can manage it by the remote controller, also by your gesture.


Spherical Origami

NPAL lab, Graduate School of System and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba.


InteractiveTop: Tabletop System that Enhances Playing Experiences of Playing with Top

The University of Electro-Communications, Koike Laboratory

Spinning tops have a long history around the world as a child’s toy. A top is a simple toy, yet its behavior is unique when compared with the behaviors of other physical toys. Its attractive behavior is based on the gyroscopic effect acting within the top. We sense the force of the gyroscopic effect when touching or handling them. We consider that this experience helps children become aware of a basic phenomenon of physics.

In the present project, we extend these experiences with augmented reality technologies by providing visual, audio and force feedback. In the traditional use of tops, the user has physical contact with the top. They can apply an external force to the top with their hand and feel a torque. However, direct touching often has the unintended effect of moving the top, hence limiting continuous interaction between the user and top. In this work, we propose an entertainment system that allows the user to have direct prolonged interaction with a top, thereby extending the possibilities of traditional tops.

Potential and application of Microsoft Kinect sensor

Microsoft Japan



Naemura Lab., The Univ. of Tokyo

MRsionCase (em-er-sionCase), named from Mixed Reality + emersion (of images) + showcase, is a multi-directionally viewable digital showcase. Each direction provides different set of multi-layered spatial images, which are superimposed on the exhibit. Visitors can appreciate the exhibit inside the showcase with getting information from the floating images.

E-IMPACT: Multiperspective rendering for perspective exaggeration

Naemura Lab., The Univ. of Tokyo / Hitachi Ltd.

Our proposed method "E-IMPACT" is used to achieve a dynamic depiction when rendering animation using multi-perspective rendering. Multi-perspective rendering is a non-photorealistic rendering method that combines what is seen from several viewpoints into a single image and enables the rendering of anomalous pictures. We focused on a systematic arrangement of viewpoints specialized to depict an exaggerated rendering of a figure model with articulated joints so that these viewpoints represent exaggerations similar to traditional freehand drawing in anime. For this purpose, we constructed a tree structure we call viewpoint hierarchy, which is isomorphic to joint hierarchy, with nodes containing the viewpoints necessary for multiple perspectives. Our real-time implementation and demonstration show that perspective-combined images are preferable for dynamic movement and immersion.


Naemura Lab., The Univ. of Tokyo

Photochromic+Projection,which combines a physical paper coated with photochromic material with a UV Projector, makes it possible to generate dynamically changeable color-forming images. Images are rendered on a paper surface in color in coordination with the projected UV patterns when users hold this paper over a UV projector. In this demonstration, we also exhibit Photochromic Sculpture presented at SIGGRAPH 2011. It can generate a dynamically changeable 3D sculpture.


IDEEA Lab., Tokyo Metropolitan University

PocoPoco is invented through the research project of interactive operation. It is musical interface which is a type of music sequencer. In addition to pushing each button, it enables various inputs for one object by catching, turning and others.
In DC EXPO, we are going to have interactive exhibit and performance stage that using synchronized three PocoPocos. In this exhibition, We use the system consist of PocoPoco, PC and Speaker.

Freqtric Drums

IDEEA Lab, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Today, telecommunications penetrate our daily life in the form of such things as the telephone, e-mail, Internet chat, to mention a few. Certainly it is convenient and necessary to use these electronic means of communication, which offer certain proximity over a distance. In these types of communication, we are separated, and therefore we need to be reminded of the importance of face-to-face, indeed body-to-body communication such as hand-shakes, holding a child by his or her arms, or a high or low five. Originally, we could only communicate with others face-to-face.

Freqtric Drums is a device that turns users into musical instruments so that users can not only play the instruments but also communicate with the others by touching each other. Interaction and experience of Freqtric Drums allows us not only to recover face-to-face communication, but also makes possible body-to-body communication so that a self image based on the sense of being a separate body can be significant altered through openness to and even a sense of becoming part of another body.

Esper Domino

IAMAS Ubiquitous Interaction Research Group

Unlike ordinary dominoes, Esper Dominoes have “Extra Sensory Perception” that means the dominoes can talk to each other via wireless communication, which enables they can fall down without physical contact.
Each domino has number indicated by LED lights which determines the order in which the domino falls down.According to the numbers, they fall one by one in order by receiving a signal from the previous one and sending a signal to the next one, just after you push down the first one with your fingers.You can also program the numbering by shaking each domino. If you set some dominoes same number, they will fall simultaneously.
Ordinary domino toppling symbolizes cause-and-effect visually as you see. By replacing this visible contact with invisible wireless contact, the dominoes can be free from position and order, that you can handle tangibly.It gives you the sensation that an invisible power creates the domino effect and “screw” physics.

True 3D

Burton Inc.

True 3D is the only one in the world which represents real 3D objects constructed of real luminous dots in the space by using laser-plasma technology. We have been developing large system called Aerial 3D Display which draws 3D objects in the mid-air. In this exhibition, we show SRV (Super Real Vision) which is much compact and precise display compare to Aerial 3D Display. We believe SRV will definitely increase the potency of utilization in various fields.

Good news is that thanks of very rapid improvement of red and blue laser quality of plasma display capability, the current monochromatic problem will be completely solved at one burst by the next version of SRV.


The University of Electro-Communications Koike・Nojima Laboratory

Virtual Reality Rolling Pin

Keio University, Faculty of Enviroment and Information Studies, Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory