PRIMA: A System for Interaction among Different Time Using Multiple Kinect Sensors

Hirose Tanikawa Lab., the University of Tokyo

PRIMA (Parallel Reality-based Interactive Motion Area) is a system for recording and 3D reconstructing a space by using four Kinect sensors. This system consists of four Kinect sensors fixed on the roof, four clients, and a server. It can record and reconstruct the space as perfect 3D data. In addition, people in the area are perfectly tracked by synchronizing user labels of each Kinect sensor by proximity of centers of users. Using above two functions, it can generate a scene that you exist with past people and objects in real time. At our exhibition, PRIMA presents you immersive and curious experiences by superimposing past scenes over the current scene simultaneously.

VITA:Visualization system for Interaction with Transmitted Audio signals

Hirose Tanikawa Lab., the University of Tokyo

VITA (Visualization system for Interaction with Transmitted Audio signals) is a sound-power visualization system that uses ultrasonic power transmission to assist in the direct physical interaction between users and a sound field. VITA enables a user to interact with sound and control it with more flexibility, e.g., delivering a sound in a desired direction and picking up a listener’s message even in a very noisy environment. VITA enables us to embed electrical energy and information into a sound wave output from a parametric loudspeaker and enlarge the input and output signals between the human being and the sound wave. By transforming an ultrasonic sound wave into electrical power, a user can complete circuits freely without the need for wiring or electrical power supplements with cables. Thus, we enable interactions such as reflection, interruption, and orientation by spreading these receiving circuits for VITA.

Digital 3D Ukiyoe

Ogi Lab, Keio University


Ultra-realistic somesthesia

Ikei Lab, Faculty of System Design, Graduate School, Tokyo Metropolitan University


Bucco -Butterfly Cosmos-

Yoichiro Kawaguchi Lab., Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo

Prof. Yoichiro Kawaguchi, he always thinks how to express attractive creatures’ moving or shapes or color, which has evolved originally. His work traces the process of evolution on earth from Cambria era till now.
On the basis of the process, he imagines creatures in the future. The works this time "balloon of Bucco with red tentacle" and "Ballon of Bucco with blue tentacle" are inspired by such Kawaguchi’s original image of cosmic butterfly. We exhibit them with "Eggy boys", also his original character of creatures in space.

Thermal Device Living Room [Thermo game] [Thermo drawing]

Tokyo Metropolitan University Faculty of System Design IDEEA Lab.



Naemura Lab., The Univ. of Tokyo