DCEXPO Special Session: Future of Digital Content, interacting with Neuroaesthetics 2
―The Role of Advanced Imaging in the Post-Covid Era
(Co-located with Inter BEE 2020)

Date and time 11:30am-12:30pm, Fri., November 20
In the DCEXPO 2019 keynote speech, an important proposal was made: digital content oriented towards "humanity" through the framework of neuroaesthetics. Subsequently, the role of advanced imaging technologies and content is once again being questioned at a time when the spread of the new coronavirus has forced a global behavioral change.
In this special lecture, we will delve into further discussions on the prospects for the social significance and ideal of digital content in the post-Covid era.
Profile of speakers/performers
  • Dr Takashi Kawai
    Professor, Department of Intermedia Art and Science,Facutly of Science and Engineering,Waseda University

  • Dr Tomohiro Ishizu
    Associate professor,Laboratory of Psychology of Art and Neuroaesthetics
    Department of Psychology, Faculty of Letters Kansai University

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