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Mizuno Corporation has developed techniques to analyze sports motion for a long time. In addition, it has developed sensing devices and algorithms that acquire various types of data, such as ball spin rates and heart rates. Furthermore, new sports and scientific training using measurement data has been proposed using devices developed by Mizuno Corporation. The details are shown in the following. We are still looking for partners who have the technology to apply to sports contents, so please feel free to contact us.


<Sports entertainment>

New Limit Sports offers new sports contents that players can enjoy regardless of their sports experience. The term "limit" added to existing sports allows players to experience new sports.

●What is the 500-step soccer?

500-step soccer is a five-to-five futsal game with a 500-step limit. Players are equipped with a smartphone and a LED on their waist. The number of steps is counted using a smartphone. The number of steps are depicted by the color and number of LEDs. If a player runs or moves vigorously, then the number of steps will decrease by ten and the number of steps will be lost; consequently, the player must leave the game. However, if the player stops, then one step can be recovered per second. Therefore, if the player decreases the number of steps excessively, it can be recovered by stopping. This can be accomplished via various strategies. For example, a team comprises two players: an active player and an inactive player. The active players moves dynamically, whereas the inactive players move slowly. When the remaining steps of the active players decreases, the roles are then switched. Because the ball is soft, its projectile differs from that of a soccer ball; furthermore, and a player will not suffer from pain when he/she is hit by the ball. Therefore, the game is suitable for children and women.


Doki Spo

"Doki spo" is a shortened term for dokidoki sports. Dokidoki represents the sound of the heart in Japanese. Doki spo is a general term for exercise content using our "MiKuHa" device, which can measure biometric data. Doki spo is based on three concepts, i.e., "dokidoki clone," "unknown control," and "relationship between body and heart."

●What is the Dokidoki clone?

The toy moves according to your heart rate. That is, the toy becomes your clone. For example, by controlling the speed of the toy train or by moving your toy to match your heartbeat, you will feel loved.

● What is an unknown control?

Although the heart rate can be controlled to some extent by moving the carada, it is difficult to control the heart rate precisely. Consequently, the player will record numbers unintentionally. These unpredictable results provide entertainment to the players and watchers. Although Doki-Doki-Bingo is difficult, it is an extremely lively exercise.

● What is the relationship between the body and the heart?

When you feel pressure or move your body, you will hear a "doki doki" sound and your heartbeat will increase. If you stop and breathe deeply, your heartbeat will decrease. The concept is to multiply the mental aspects and exercises simultaneously to create a special tag by increasing or reducing the heartbeat rate. If you hide your eyes and play tag, you will be thrilled because it is an unprecedented experience. However, it is designed to create a sound when you feel "doki doki"; therefore, you will rely on the sound. In addition, the LED changes color according to the heart rate. It can tag players with the same color as its color only. Therefore, if you do not wish to be tagged by it, you must change your color by calming down or moving your body.


Sports × VR

We used VR technology to provide content that allows people who are not inclined toward or experienced in sports to experience the reality of sports. This technology allows one to experience the reality of being an athlete in a stadium. 

● What is the virtual ball park?

The virtual ball park allows you to experience professional baseball players' pitches in a stadium. You can hit various pitched types such as a 160 km/h fast ball, slider, and fork or catch pitched balls as a catcher. This is completely safe even if the pitched ball hits your face because it occurs in VR. Because the difficulty level and ball size can be adjusted, this system can be enjoyed by everyone. In addition to creating VR spaces, we developed a mini-wood bat fabricated using a smear with a sensor. Hence, you can experience the same feeling as a professional baseball player.


<Baseball with built-in sensor>

We developed the MA-Q, which is a baseball with a built-in sensor. The MA-Q can measure the ball velocity, spin axis, and spin rate easily when it is thrown. In the future, we will use MA-Q to spread data-driven practice to the baseball field, creating a more efficient practice that improves the performance of pitchers.

● What Is the MA-Q?

The MA-Q is a baseball with a built-in sensor that can measure the ball velocity, spin axis, and spin rate easily when it is thrown. The measured data can be measured through a smartphone application. The three main features of the MA-Q are as follows:

Feature 1: The proprietary algorithm used in MA-Q allows one to measure the spin axis of a ball in three dimensions. Hence, more detailed information regarding the ball spin characteristic can be obtained when one throws a pitch that "rises" or "drops."

Feature 2: Our knowledge from producing baseballs for more than 100 years has enabled us to achieve the same specifications as those of an official baseball; furthermore, the MA-Q can be thrown without any discomfort.

Feature 3: The unique charging structure of the MA-Q allows it to be charged repeatedly rather than being disposed.

Using this product, we wish to convey to pitchers that they should not practice passively. We would like pitchers to "design (assemble)" their own practices.

Video distribution

  • New sports contents that players can enjoy regardless of their sports experience.

  • Doki spo is a general term for exercise content using our "MiKuHa" device, which can measure biometric data.

  • It is a baseball VR content that allows you to experience a real sense of reality.

  • MA-Q is a gear that can visualize and quantify the quality of a ball with the same texture as an official ball.