WebAR/VR Creation system "LIQUID AR"LIQUID DESIGN Ltd.

LIQUID DESIGN Ltd. will exhibit "LIQUID AR".
You can experience AR content just by scanning the QR code or link without the troublesome application installation.
With the latest WebAR technology, you can carry out effective promotion at low cost.

# What is AR?
AR is an abbreviation for "Augmented Reality", which translates literally to "augmented reality."
It is to express the expanded world by putting a virtual image on the world that looks real.
It is already being used in various fields, but further development is expected with the spread of the next-generation communication standard 5G.

# What can you do with LIQUID AR?
Various projects can be realized depending on the idea. AR / VR can provide information that could not be appealed with conventional leaflets and catalogs.

Contactless event
In the era of with corona, non-contact AR / VR technology is attracting attention.
AR / VR can be planned and held as a non-contact event in order to reduce the risk of tourist destination events.

AR catalog
You can create an "AR catalog" that allows you to check products in three dimensions by linking with an EC site.
By looking at the product three-dimensionally, it is possible to check "whether it adapts to the existing space", "whether the size is just right", etc., "as if it were actually here", which was not possible before.

AR business card
You can create a unique AR business card that displays the latest face photo and message.
Unlike ordinary business cards, reading the QR code allows you to display the latest information and photos in three dimensions.

Spatial recognition AR
It is also possible to create space-recognized AR that recognizes space and makes AR appear without the need for markers.
For example, you can place AR products in the catalog indoors and check the size and coordination.

AR stamp rally
You can create an AR stamp rally where you can get coupons by collecting stamps from each store.
Each time you check each marker, you will get an AR stamp. Recommended for mutual customer attraction measures such as stores and various events.

360 degree VR tour
You can choose the place you want to see and create a 360-degree VR tour that looks in all directions.
You can set map images of tourist spots, venues, house layouts, etc., and move to multiple locations (360-degree photos).

# Features of LIQUID AR

The main features of LIQUID AR are the following three.

1. Create in as little as 10 minutes
You can easily create AR from your own management system. The feature is that you can change the content at any time and create an AR in as little as 10 minutes.

2. Selectable templates
You can select a template for AR content. From basic AR to space recognition AR and VR tours, anyone can create high quality AR / VR.

3. Campaign settings
Not only AR content but also campaign settings required for promotion are possible. You can add coupon settings, videos, images, links and more.

Many people may think that creating AR is a high threshold, but with "LIQUID AR", you can easily create content.
If you are interested in it, you can try it for free, so feel free to experience "LIQUID AR".

* Functions vary depending on the plan. Please check the material for details.

AR / VR utilization method, case study, service introduction

How to use AR
– Realize various projects depending on your ideas! Non-contact type that can support new lifestyles –

AR catalog
You can create an AR catalog for your EC site. Display the product list slide-type content from the catalog in AR, and tap it to move to the product details page. It is possible to smoothly carry out the process from encountering the product you are interested in in the catalog to purchasing it.

Over-the-counter POP
By incorporating AR into store POPs such as retail stores, it can be used as a new sales promotion and customer attraction tool. By setting AR animations, product PR videos, and campaign videos in POP, you can convey the appeal of products even if there are no staff on the spot.

By utilizing AR for product packaging, it is possible to provide limited videos and 3D content only for product purchasers. It is possible to increase purchasing motivation with a special feeling and added value.

AR business card
By reading the QR code, you can display photos, characters, etc. in three dimensions. You will never be forgotten, “What kind of person was this person?” By expanding the limited space with AR, information such as SNS accounts can also be displayed. By using a unique AR business card, you can have a conversation.

Event (store customer attraction, sightseeing)
In addition to creating AR content, you can also set the campaign required for promotion. In the era of with Corona, AR / VR technology is attracting attention in order to reduce risks at tourist destination events.

Case study
LIQUID AR provided AR as a free gift to event participants at large-scale commercial facility events. We had you introduce three kinds of AR without application according to the content of the event in a short period of time and at low cost.

Service introduction
In order to use LIQUID AR more effectively, we provide various services such as material data production, 3D scanning, and sales promotion tool design.

AR / VR setting agency
You can easily create and set from the management screen, but if you want to create a lot of AR or if you want to introduce AR more smoothly, we also accept setting agency.

3D scan
“I don’t have the budget to create 3D data …!” Don’t worry if that happens. With a 3D scanner, you can create 3D data at low cost and in a short period of time. Please provide photos and actual products, etc., and scan them into 3D data.

2D / 3D data material creation
Please leave it to us for realistic 3D data, image production used in AR campaigns, 360-degree photographs, etc.

“What can you do with AR?” “What kind of effect does it have?” … If you have such a question, don’t worry! We will help you from planning to effect measurement. Please feel free to contact us first.

Promotional tool design
Please leave the design production of business cards and POP that effectively attracts AR.

Website production
Please leave the website production to us. We also offer LIQUID PRESS, a WordPress solution with a cumulative total of over 30,000 downloads. We provide total support from website creation / construction, CMS introduction, and operation.