Privacy Policy

1.Personal Information
Digital Content Association of Japan (“DCAJ,” hereafter) will handle and manage information that can be used to identify individuals (“personal information,” hereafter) obtained through conducting Digital Content Expo (“DCEXPO,” hereafter) properly, abiding by Japanese laws, regulations and guidelines.
Personal information means information that can identify individuals by itself or in conjunction with other information and the following are included:
(1)Name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, place of work, department, position, etc.
(2)Account number, information about credit card, etc. necessary for invoicing and bank transfer as to paid events
2.Purposes of Use of Personal Information
Personal information collected in the process of holding DCEXPO will be used for the following purposes:
(1) To inform about DCEXPO and its exhibition, seminars, lecture presentations, etc. to visitors or participants and also to operate and manage those events (*).
(2) To operate and manage the DCEXPO website
(3) To provide and distribute such various documents concerning DCEXPO as project plans and reports
(4) To take care of comments and questions about DCEXPO from visitors or participants addressed to DCAJ
(5) To send notices, questionnaires, etc. about DCEXPO to visitors or participants.
(6) To share attendee or participant information with Japan Electronics Show Association which operates Inter BEE of which visitor/participant registration system is shared by DCEXPO
(7) To inform about other exhibitions, seminars, lecture presentations and other events, etc. which DCAJ conducts and also to operate and manage those events
(*) DCAJ will collect personal information when conducting DCEXPO in order to improve service and manage the entrance to the event and reservation for seminars, lecture presentations, etc. of the event. We might also collect personal information when we conduct questionnaire surveys and when we are asked for documents. In addition, we might collect personal information in order to provide useful promotional information or information on products and services of the exhibitors and their affiliate companies.
3.Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
DCAJ will not share personal information collected while conducting DCEXPO with third parties except for the occasions mentioned below. However, please be advised that we adopt QR code and bar code systems at the exhibitions we hold and the visitors to and participants with those exhibitions have agreed to the handling conditions of their personal information when they register themselves for the exhibitions over the Internet in advance or on the site, including the fact that their personal information is shared by exhibitors and seminar speakers (organization or individuals) when they present their entrance cards at exhibitor’s booths and have the QR or bar codes scanned and also, the possibility of their receiving various information by email or through post-office mail from them. The following is the list of additional occasions where their personal information might be shared with third parties:
(1) When we obtain the consent from the person in advance
(2) When it is judged necessary by the regulations
(3) When it is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of individuals and when it is difficult to obtain permission from the person
(4) When providing personal information is especially necessary for improving public health or promoting sound growth of children and when it is difficult to obtain permission from the person timely
(5) When it is necessary to provide personal information in order to help a government organization, a local government organization or someone entrusted by those organizations carry out their legal duties and when obtaining the prior consent is expected to become an impediment to the execution of their duties
4.DCEXPO Website
The DCEXPO website might utilize cookie data to provide customized services to its users and to count the number of page views. It will also collect users’ IP addresses in order to analyze statistics of the website including the situation of usage, but it will not use them in connection with such data as can identify the users, except for the case where infringements, interferences or possibility of those are expected about DCAJ’s legal rights.
5.Management of Personal Information
In addition to keeping the purposes of utilization of the personal information that we obtain while conducting DCEXPO strictly within the above-mentioned cases, we will do our best to protect personal information taking such measures as preventing unauthorized access to personal information and also preventing loss, destruction, falsification and other damages, and disclosure of personal information. When we ask other organizations to handle personal information, we will have non-disclosure agreements with them and supervise their handling of the information.
6.Disclosure, Correction, Prohibition of Use, etc. of Personal Information
If we receive requests from users for disclosure (to them), correction, prohibition of use, deletion, etc., of their own personal information which we obtained while we conduct DCEXPO, we respond within a reasonable time frame.
Questions related to handling, disclosure, etc. of the personal information which we obtain while conducting DCEXPO to be directed to: Digital Content Association of Japan – Privacy Policy Desk of General Affairs
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