Information for Exhibitors

CTS is the main program of DCEXPO, introducing most advanced digital content and digital content technology which have been produced or developed by companies or universities.

Visitors would come, see, hear and touch the exhibits, experiencing the future in advance and also feeling excitement through collaboration with exhibitors. CTS is the program where visitors get inspiration for new creation and new business.

  • As many businesspersons in the content and other industries visit, a wide variety of business opportunities is expected.
  • As “Inter BEE,” a professional video, audio, and communications exhibition held concurrently under the same roof, has a long successful history with the record number of visitors of 40,839 for 2018, DCEXPO exhibitors also can establish connections with visitors from major and other companies.
  • Exhibitors can expect feedback from those who have strong interest in new content or new content technology.
  • To become an exhibitor at DCEXPO where advanced technological items gather together from both companies and academic organizations would deepen industry-academia exchange and also prompt mutual inspiration for new ideas.
  • “DCEXPO is exchanging exhibits with SIGGRAPH, the world largest conference on CG and interactive technology. One exhibit selected from the “Innovative Technologies”-exhibits and CTS exhibits (only those which the exhibitors wish to become candidates) will have the right to be exhibited at “Emerging Technologies” of SIGGRAPH 2020. “
  • Introductive 3-minute video will be taken and produced free of charge for each of the exhibitors during DCEXPO and posted on “DCEXPO TV” while or after DCEXPO.
  • Each exhibitor can have a 3 – 5 minute presentation opportunity on a stage in the exhibition area upon request and free of charge.


Send inquiries about Content & Technology Showcase (CTS) exhibiting to:

DCEXPO organizers at
Digital Content Association of Japan
TEL: 03-3512-3903