【Technical details】
In this project, we built a prototype of future exercise service using the VR technology. Using the VR technology, users can do the exercise at their home by preparing cheap and easily obtainable devices. Also users can be instructed by the pre-recorded program without requiring extra labor cost. In this system, users can get immersed to virtual environment that they can look over for 360 degrees and the instructor is in there using Oculus Rift (DK2). There are 5 choice of locations including cities like Ginza and Roppongi, and tourist resorts like Parthenon in Greek. Then users choose the program from entry, middle, and advances. Then the instructor demonstrates the movement. Then the users will do the actual movement and Kinect 2 sensor senses and represents that through the virtual body inside the virtual environment. A virtual mitt appears and users will punch or kick the mitt keeping in rhythm. There’s a quota for each program and instructor gives the user a feedback based on whether it’s accomplished or not. In this way, we made it possible to casually do an exercise regardless of a time or location.

【Exhibition content】
This content provides virtual reality kick-boxing lesson in a scene using 360 degrees panorama movie and motion sensor. We can add scene movies later so users can do exercise in many kind of locations.
It can be used by preparing Oculus HMD, Kinect, and Windows PC. So we are planning to provide the series of exercise contents in the future.