【Technical details】
"Orphe" is a smart shoes system that converts the motion to light and sound.!
In the shoes, the motion sensor of the latest 9 axis, about 100 full-color serial control LED, is BluetoothLE module has been built.!
Orphe can be connected to the smartphone and tablet applications, it will be able to provide a variety of experiences to the user.!
For example, a user through an application, maps freely their own motion and light and sound interaction, can be a new body representation.!
Further, if connected to a drawing app, you can be free to design the light emission pattern and color of shoes.!
And in conjunction with the cloud service, it is also possible to share their design on the Web.!
If it works with game content, it can also be used as a controller that uses a three-dimensional gesture.!
Finally, in this project, we will distribute the SDK towards various development tools. And, we will continue to open innovation development while rolling the creators of the world.


【Exhibition content】
We exhibit smart shoes system "Orphe". You can see the product and dedicated applications.
In particular, interactive dance game content that takes advantage of the motion sensor and smooth LED animation entertains you with new experience in harmony of movement and light and sound.