Dance Project Act 3, “Project Mapping in the Show,” will be presented at DC EXPO 2013 as continuation to Dance Robot Performance in 2010 and Vocaloid x Live AR in 2011.

The project was produced by Masaru Ishikawa, the executive producer of DC EXPO and directed by SAM, one of the most famous dance creators, same as the previous two performances. In addition, Daisy Inc., an up-and-coming CG production company led by Masato Inagaki, and Nami Minami, singer, participated in the production this year. ARISA, MAIKO, NAO, and TAiCHi, distinguished dancers, will deliver the dance performance.

Come and see Dance Project Act 3, “Projection Mapping in the Show,” which is a live dance performance plus projection mapping, unique harmony between technology and culture; the future and past; and reality and virtual reality.

This performance can be seen live only at DC EXPO. Let’s enjoy the performance and projection mapping right in front of the Center Stage of Miraikan on October 24th, Thursday or 26th, Saturday (there will be two performances).
Saturday 26/10
Open 14:00  Start from 14:10 through 14:30
  • NammyMikami

    NammyMikami was singing the electro pop style , such as idle previously.
    (the name was "UsaginoNamihey".)
    And now,Nammy sings on vocal with a band"Shoujo-Q" music such as retro and nostalgic style.
    (Showa era of Japan) wearing vintage clothes and kimono now.
    Nammy Mikami is responsible for singing and writing lyrics.
    Please enjoy a nostalgic world created by “NammyMikami with Shojo Q ” through your five senses.



  • TAiCHi