Innovative Technologies

i-tech_logo_greenThe program of 'Innovative Technologies' is to give awards to such technologies as expected to contribute a lot to the growth of content industry. This is to publicly select those innovative technologies which are capable of being applied to other industries and leading the development of new markets, based on the scenario of technological development stated in the "Technological Strategy Map 2012 (Content Field)," compiled by METI and to have those technologies exhibited and demonstrated to the public attending DC EXPO.

Feartures 2013

Noteworthy themes of technologies will be picked up. This year, show or exhibition of Projection Mapping and 3D Printer’s symposium would be focused.

Keynote Programs

Keynote Programs this year include an stage event to introduce those latest technologies which were awarded at the 2012 METI project "Innovative Technologies"; a symposium on the direction of content-related technological development stated in METI's "Technological Strategy Map 2012 (Content Field)"; and other symposiums to offer deep insights in various fields of content by specialists and knowledgeable people who have excellent skills and experience in those fields; etc. all of which are meant to enhance the theme of DC EXPO, "Bridging the Digital Innovation and Business."

International Programs

These are programs for overseas content-related companies, content technology-related companies and content industry associations to exhibit and demonstrate the latest technology in content field and introduce the current trends in the industry, intended to serve as useful information for those Japanese content industry people trying to develop business overseas.

Participation Programs

These will be the programs where researchers, creators and businesses consider from their own view points the possibility of cutting-edge technologies which were gathered globally and present a vision of innovation to the society. Participating companies and organizations introduce their cutting-edge technologies in their symposiums, seminars and on stage as well as at their booths.