KOCCA was established under the Republic of Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in order to give birth to synergy in the field of content creation and synthesize each of the content genres that exist in the current age of digital fusion. South Korean content technology is developing at a rapid pace thanks to the support received through the proactive policy of the Government to “turn South Korea into a country with a strong cultural industry.” KOCCA supports the creation of added value in a variety of content industries, such as CG and VFX. For DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2010, KOCCA will put on display many of the possibilities made real through the use of competitive South Korean content technology, such as face recognition, rotoscoping, and augmented and virtual reality.


  • 『Smart-phone-based artifact guids system』
  • 『Zft (Zenitum Feature Tracker) 』
  • 『Wave3D』
  • 『FX Avatar』
    FX Gear
  • 『3D Blu-ray using 3D-layer animation』
    Big I Entertainment Co.,Ltd.