Innovative Technologies 2016

itech“Innovative Technologies” is a project to recognize those technologies which are expected to contribute a lot to the growth of content industry. It is organized by METI and gives a chance to be exhibited and demonstrated to the general public at DC EXPO to those publicly selected innovative technologies which might be applied to other industries and also create new markets, according to the scenario of technological development stated in the "Technology Map 2015 (Content Field)," compiled by METI.


Feartures 2016

features_logo_2016 "Features" is a program to pick up new technology which is receiving much attention in the year and introduce it by exhibition, symposiums, etc. This year, DCEXPO features the newest trend of digital content technology including multilingual translation and ultra-realistic images which expected practical use for the sports fields such as Olympic and Paralympic games.

Content Technology Showcase(CTS)

CTS “Content Technology Showcase (CTS)” is a program for participating companies and colleges to introduce their cutting-edge technologies. DC EXPO attendees can experience those technologies at the booths in the exhibition area listening to the explanation by the developers themselves. Also, symposiums, seminars,
workshops, etc. on their technologies will be held, attended by researchers
and creators who are active in the front lines.