DCEXPO Special Prize in SIGGRAPH 2016 Emerging Technologies

For the DCEXPO Special Prize in SIGGRAPH 2016 Emerging Technologies

Digital Content Association of Japan and ACM SIGGRAPH revised Cooperation Agreement in 2014, and started cooperation between DCEXPO Innovative Technologies (I-Tech) and SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies (E-Tech).
ACM SIGGRAPH selects one distinguished technical exhibit at DCEXPO and show it in the E-Tech Program at the next SIGGRAPH and DCAJ selects one distinguished E-Tech exhibit at SIGGRAPH and allocate a booth to it at the next DCEXPO.
At DCEXPO 2016, the DCEXPO Special Prize winner selected from E-Tech exhibits in SIGGRAPH 2016 will be commended at the ceremony on Oct.27.


Exhibition content

Ratchair is a control system for moving everyday objects with small vibration motors. The system consists of one or more vibration motors attached to, or embedded in the object in question. After an exploratory phase with several random bursts of vibration, an optimization algorithm is used to discover the optimal sequence of vibration patterns required to move the object to any specified pose (position and heading), without the need of traction mechanisms or steering wheels. This strategy, while not suited for vehicles, makes possible several interesting application scenarios of which two are detailed here: assisted displacement of heavy objects with little effort on the part of the human; and self arranging furniture, useful for instance to organize and clean spaces such as classrooms and restaurants during vacant hours.