Technical details

『RoBoHoN』is the world's first「Mobile robot phone」which was jointly developed with the robot creator, Mr. Takahashi Tomotaka. It is quiet small size as a bipedal walking humanoid robot(approx.19.5cm), and user can bring out and use it outside.
RoBoHoN can be used easily by anyone with voice interface. It supports mobile telecommunications(LTE/3G), and user can use basic functions such as telephone, mail, camera and services which are provided via dedicated application by talking with RoBoHoN. RoBoHoN has a newly-developed small focus free laser projector, and can project photo, video, map and so on. In addition, user can add functions and services by downloading the dedicated applications. Further, RoBoHoN learns user's usage and profile, so user will be able to communicate more naturally.


Exhibition content

『RoBoHoN』has been improved, include application update, additional functions and services which can be used by downloading, and new dialog contents, since its release on 26th May 2016. Please see the evolution in the demonstration.