As for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the current year also carries out "Innovative Technologies 2014 (henceforth, book enterprise)" following the last fiscal year as an enterprise which commends the technology in which contributing to development of contents industry greatly is expected by an innovation.
Based on the growth scenario shown on the technological strategy map currently collected in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, this enterprise, A general invitation elects widely the new technology which can expect a big contribution from the realization, and it sends to society widely by exhibiting in the DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO which are the places of international industry-university
Please refer to the following link for the adoption technology of "Innovative Technologies" in the last fiscal year.
The Innovative Technologies adoption technology last year cooperation.

The technology shown in the technical load map of the "technological map 2012" contents field is applicable.
(Please refer to the following link for a technological strategy map.) The technology said here contains software and application.
A product and service are not objects.
Technological map (contents field) (PDF, 3.05 MB, Japanese Language)

An application candidate is the company or the university, research institution, and organization which place an office in Japan.
An application in the group by two or more corporation and organizations is also possible.
It restricts to the technology which can offer sufficient information required for examination, and can be exhibited as of August 31, 2014.
In addition, when it cannot announce to an adoption person announcement date officially, an official announcement can be postponed till the DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2015 holding first day (Thurs., October 22, 2015).

How to applicatie

Application Closed.

Application deadline

12:00 on Noon.,July 21, 2015 (must arriving)
*Give the notice of the purport that it received in the secretariat.
Suppose that required documents were received with the notice.