【Technical details】
We propose a novel projection technique that adds a variety of illusory, yet realistic distortions to a wide range of static 2D and 3D projection targets. The key idea of our technique, named `Deformation Lamps', is to project only dynamic luminance information, which effectively activates the motion (and shape) processing in the visual system, while preserving the color and texture of the original object. Although the projected dynamic luminance information is spatially inconsistent with the color and texture of the target object, the observer's brain automatically combines these sensory signals in such a way as to correct the inconsistency across visual attributes. Our techniques can make the observers perceive a vivid and natural movement, deformation, or oscillation of a variety of static objects, including drawn pictures, printed photographs, sculptures with 3D shading, objects with natural textures including human bodies.


【Exhibition content】
We propose a new light projection technique named ‘Deformation Lamps’, which adds a variety of realistic movement impressions to a static projection target. By fully utilizing the processing characteristics of the human visual system, a simple algorithm produces novel visual experiences.