Comments from 2019 Exhibitors

  • We received a few requests for collaboration, introduction, and cooperation, which is a great response and the participation in the event was advantageous.
  • It was our first participation and the event gave us a good impression that it is a place to be able to hear direct comments from corporate customers.
  • It was good that we managed to hear evaluation on our content from outside of the company. The event became a good chance to conduct promotion and also obtain various evaluation on our products.
  • Visitors met our assumed target and we managed to achieve the goal.
  • We received good reactions from visitors and had an impression also that many visitors were interested in us.
  • Many visitors were interested in our technology.
  • The event helped us make ourselves known better.
  • We managed to have a quite meaningful time and it was quite beneficial participating in the event.
  • It was quite meaningful to be able to get to know such companies as we do not communicate with regularly.