Comments from 2018 Exhibitors

  • We managed to introduce the content technology that we developed to many visitors and have it experienced by them at DCEXPO 2018. Especially in 2018, it was our important achievement to have attracted a high level of interest in our technology from those who are related to other segments of industry than the previous years because DCEXPO started to be held at the same time with Inter BEE.
    XVI, Inc.
  • We appreciate the well-considered program beyond compare which included a sales pitch opportunity, coverage of our booth and posting it on YouTube by DCEXPO TV, a networking party to communicate with other exhibitors, etc.
    Mountain Studio, Inc.
  • We managed to attract more visitors than expected to our presentation of the research result of the laboratory of the Faculty of Information and Communications, Glassesless 3D content, thanks in part to the introduction of the item by Iku Arino, a personality and MC at DCEXPO TV.
    Bunkyo University
  • As DCEXPO was scheduled to be held together with Inter BEE, a broadcast equipment show, we decided to participate in it hoping those related to broadcast equipment would also visit our booth. Actually people from TV stations, major manufacturers, other exhibitors, etc. visited us.
  • We did internet research on exhibition venues suitable for us and DCEXPO was the conclusion which was to be held together with Inter BEE and would be additionally visited by many of those related to broadcast and film & video industries. Many from the target broadcast and film & video industries visited our booth, which led to more business meetings than we had expected
  • We understand there were some overseas companies exhibiting at Inter BEE this year (2018). We thought we exhibited at DCEXPO, a domestic exhibition but overseas companies showed interest in our exhibits. We were surprised at the fact that we can have that opportunity domestically.
  • The target number of exchanges of business cards was achieved. So was the number of inquiries.
  • It was a very good exhibition, with many visiting our booth from broadcast and communications industries. We managed to have fruitful exchange, meeting with both existing and possible customers
  • It is a wonderful venue not only because intriguing research items gather there but also they are from both academia and industry. We have chances to get to know other researchers at academic conferences and also there are many trade shows being held regularly. However, there are not many exhibitions where people from both gather together and show their research items and products under the same roof. This is a precious opportunity to know better and to be known better. (University laboratory researcher)