The winners of Sponsor’s Award and DCAJ Chairman’s Award announced!

Sponsor’s Prize

Interactive Stickies: Projection Mapping Enabling Dynamic Interaction with Projected Images
Hashimoto-Kagami Laboratory, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University

I got the impression that there is “an idea inspired from a new perspective” about AR which is currently used in games and is a hot topic.
Projection mapping is performed on the printed characters, and there is a “collision detection” in the game on the upper side of the characters, and the appearance of the projected ball bouncing even made me feel the possibility of opening a new area of interactive content.

Bilateral Motion Display : Multiple Visual Perception for Specific Motions
Ishikawa-Hayakawa-Huang-Sueishi-Miyashita Laboratory, Data Science Research Division, Information Technology Center, University of Tokyo.

In the past, the next-generation system called digital signage became a hot topic, and my university has a history of cooperating with railway companies as part of industry-academia collaboration. Since then, it has rapidly become widespread, but all of them are stationary still image and video display. This research was devised on the premise that the viewer is moving, and future progress is expected.

Comments are from:
Mr. Junichi Kawamura
Consultant, Yokohama Consulting Firm

DCAJ Chairman’s Prize

“Calmbots” the ubiquitous interface to controlling cockroaches
Research and Development Center for Digital Nature, University of Tsukuba

This is a unique achievement that has realized the transubstantiation of the movement of insects into content by making full use of advanced technologies such as life science and swarm intelligence algorithms. It opens a way to realize new expressions and functions by insects in every scene of the living space and is expected to have a great ripple effect. I hope that it will be used in art and engineering in the future.

Professor Yoichiro Kawaguchi
Chairman of the Digital Content Association of Japan