DC EXPO is about Digital Content Technology

"Digital Content Expo (DC EXPO) is an international event focused on digital content technology, showing the future image of the digital content industry in five to 10 years from now and utilized as place to exchange the latest information by researchers, creators and companies active in the industry.

Call for Application for I-Tech+

Innovative Technologies which has been carried out for five years to pick out and give awards to advanced and creative content-related technologies was reborn into Innovative Technologies+ (I-Tech Plus). In I-Tech+, we will accept applications of “Business Model" in addition to technologies. We also plan to set up business matching meetings to support practical use of new technology. We hope you will apply for I-Tech+ now!

Guidance for Participating


DCEXPO Highlights
DCEXPO 2017 will be held on Oct 27-29!

DCEXPO2016 Highlights
DCEXPO 2017 will be held on Oct 27-29!