Nov 17th, Wed. 19Fri.

10:00AM to 5:30PM (On Nov 19, DCEXPO will close at 5:00PM).


Different from other competitions, we at ASIAGRAPH's CG Art Gallery highly evaluate CG expression which is unique to Asia. That does not mean we put importance on Asia-unique themes but we appreciate such styles of expression as are unique and have visual attraction even if they might not be evaluated highly from the conventional standpoint of the existing art or movie/image industry.

ASIAGRAPH organizes “CG Art Gallery” as a platform for arts exhibition, so as to encourage the cross-border exchange between excellent CG artists, to nurture and to promote new creations and a new industry in Asia.

Division I: “CG Art Gallery” —public subscription for CG Arts
Being an original CG work.The applicant to be a person who was born, currently lives or has nationality in Asia or an organization which has its nationality in Asia. Both amateur and professional creators are accepted.

Division II: “CG Animation Theater”—public subscription for Animation
In DivisionⅡ, representative judge members of Asian ten countries and regions do international judgement, and decide the winning works.
The winning works is judged by fairly judgement that reflected the unique values of Asian countries, so these works is worthy to call “a supported works in whole of Asia”.

Division III: Student under Age 25— public subscription for Animation
This public subscription for Animation for students (under 25) at ASIAGRAPH is publicly collecting animation works in order to provide new, young talented people with a chance to be evaluated and make an international debut. Please note that this division is not for general competition. Its objective is to praise students’ desire to create and to publish ones works, so we distance ourselves from the regular screening, we do not only evaluate the perfection level and skill level of the work, but its idea, character design, feeling of freshness and so forth. Fragmentary expression and even crude expression are welcome.

Division IV: Kids CG Competition
This division is for kids who are the resources of creative talents in the future. We aim to expand their creativity and imagination by giving them a high goal through this comprehensive competition of CG works. We hope this event to be a foundation for cutting-edge education and talent nurturing for the industry.

PC Koshien International High School Division
The purpose of this competition, which is co-organized with PC Koshien, is to increase the skills of the high school students in Asia who will support our information-based society. It achieves this through a competition of the excellent ideas and expressiveness contained in works of computer graphics.

ASIAGRAPH 2020 in Taiwan
in Taiwan:2021.11.16 〜 24Tainan National University of the Arts