Technical details

Hapbeat is a necklace shaped haptic device which can generate and transmit powerful hi-fidelity haptic feedback to users by just wearing like a necklace. It’s due to the unique mechanism using the combination of a motor and string. (Patented)
The unique point is Hapbeat can display ultra low frequency (0-20Hz) which is difficult to play with general audio devices or small vibrators. Therefore it can play the unique vibration such as air vibration generated by an explosion or bass drum, or human heartbeat, and those are important for enhancing the immersion of music, video games, VR contents, or movies.
Thanks to its reasonable cost and usability, it can be used in various propose such as not only in huge facilities but in small-scale facilities, events (e.g. live performance, disco, or e-sports), or sold as consumer products as audio device or a gadget for video or VR games.

Exhibition content

We demonstrate several contents to show the various usage of Hapbeat. We show the example of usage after colons. -Music listening: Audio device, live events, silent/VR disco. -Watching gaming movie: Watching gaming movie (e.g. twitch), e-sports audience -Gaming (action, VR music game): Gaming, induce to amusement facilities. -Fireworks movie: Entertain deaf people, VR fireworks. -VR safety training (uncertain): Enhance the immersion of portable safety training.