Technical details

In 1997 Toppan Printing began developing Toppan VR, a virtual reality tool for digitalizing cultural properties and sharing them with the world. Since then Toppan has created an array of VR representations of precious properties all over the planet.
Three-dimensional geometric measurements, precise color management, high-definition image processing, and other core digital archiving technologies generate high-definition Toppan VR images that can be displayed in 4K/8K in theaters of various shapes, from boxy to curved or domed.
Toppan has recently been evolving its technologies to accurately render the glazes, asperities, subtle color tones, and textures of original properties and recreate how their appearances shift when viewed under different lighting or from changing angles. A VR production titled Behind the “Wind God and Thunder God Screens”—the Spirit Hidden within “Summer and Autumn Grasses” depicts the textures of these masterpieces based on their physical properties.

Exhibition content

TOPPAN VR WARP TOURISM presents Toppan’s VR productions both in a tetrahedral theater and on a high-definition display. The tetrahedral theater carries you through time into spaces within cultural properties and non-extant buildings, introducing you to a new visual approach. Another VR production, Behind the “Wind God and Thunder God Screens”—the Spirit Hidden within “Summer and Autumn Grasses,” faithfully simulates the glittering glazes of gold and silver foil backgrounds and other features of the original screens in high definition.