Technical details

Airlines have connected people around the world for decades, helping to catalyze global relationships, business, diplomacy, and mutual understanding. However, the global airline industry currently only transports around 6% of the world every year. ANA aims to change this reality and help to connect even more people by leveraging new, emerging technologies.

The ANA AVATAR is a new form of instant, physical transportation that will enable humanity to connect limitlessly. By integrating multiple exponential technologies such as robotics, haptics, and sensors, real-world Avatar systems will make it possible for anyone to communicate, explore, and interact with a remote environment. This will help to mobilize the entire world and bring necessary resources and skills to where they are needed the most.

At the ANA AVATAR booth, visitors will be able to experience the future of transportation and operate a real Avatar.

Exhibition content

At the ANA AVATAR booth, visitors will be able to operate a real-world Avatar and experience the teleportation of their presence to a remote location. There are currently various types of Avatars under development, but the Avatar that will be on display is one that excels in facilitating remote communication. In the very near future, anyone will be able to select and operate Avatars located around the world using ANA’s dedicated application called AVATAR-IN.