Technical details

VAIR FIELD is multiple mobile VR FPS like real physical sports. This is a mobile multiplayer MR e-sports. It can enable anyone to play room-scale MR games in a 360-degree all-around view without a HMD.
Players can choose any VAIR devices, gun type, bow type and installation type. Every device has force feedback, realizing real material and feeling of use. Gun-type VAIR device is designed to replace magazines. Reloading the magazines is automatically recognized and the recoil mechanism when shooting, respectively.
VAIR FIELD corresponds to multiple controllers and shares VR space, so it recognizes bullets shot by all controllers. When a player hides behind the object, he or she can hide behind the obstacle in VR space and can play in a gun fight using realistic tactics. It will enable players to move in a sports-like way more freely than VR using a HMD.

Exhibition content

Laval Virtual is the world’s biggest VR festival in France which helds since 1999. We are engaged in international partnership with IVRC, SIGGRAPH, DCEXPO, and you can experience VR works, technologies and commercial exhibitions around the world. Demo session Revolution 2019 is now seeking a work with the theme of “VR 5.0”. At the booth, you can experience “VAIR FIELD” which was accepted in this year’s ReVolution 2018, theme “1+1=∞”.