Technical details

Euphonic had been the leading company in various VR/AR/MR content creation.
This year, we have developed a totally new Outdoor AR Gaming Platform, based on Apple ARKit conjugated with variety of Sensor and Server Systems. The Outdoor AR Shooting game, “HUIS TEN BOSCH: Jurassic Island” is one of the most successful achievement from this platform and the latest ARKit2.0 version will be open to the public for the first time in DCExpo 2018.

Exhibition content

The outdoor AR Attraction Shooting Game, “Jurassic Island” had been highly acclaimed since it’s opening in June 2018. The newly redesigned demonstration version of the same Game will be exhibited at euphonic booth. We will also provide the practical service based on this AR Platform which can be translated into local tourist guidance app, and also other forms of amusement attractions.
Euphonic’s original brand “PLEXUS” will also present a new Virtual Art Exhibit Simulation platform, based on actual artist’s works.