Technical details

“aicontainer” is the VISUAL A.I. SOLUTION which can be customized variously.
It consists 3 elements which are “VISUAL”, “A.I.”, and “DATA”. You can customize and combine each elements to develop various contents you want.
For example, as a “VISUAL” element, you can display a character, you can choose a device from monitor, tablet, VR goggles, and so on. As a “A.I.” element, you can use voice conversation engine, you can use image recognition engine…, and so on.
Various ideas and examples are follows :
– Make useful guidance in voice conversation with charming characters
– Count the number of passers-by-daily in front of installed camera
– Estimate gender ratio and age ratio of passers-by
– Use accumulated data as source data of analysis

Exhibition content

In this exhibition, you can see various types of cases using the VISUAL A.I. SOLUTION “aicontainer”, demonstration contents, movies, and so on. Please experience examples applied to a variety of uses by combining various contents of “VISUAL”, “A.I.”, “DATA” elements.