Technical details

We have been developing a pair of wearable devices that shares kinesthetic experience, such as muscle activity, among people. One user is able to control another’s muscle activity by means of biosignal measurement and electrical muscle stimulation. To achieve such interpersonal kinesthetic communication, we have developed a wearable electrode system which allows the same electrodes to perform simultaneous operation of the measurement and the stimulation of muscles.

Perceiving human muscle activity is one of the most important factors in order to understand one’s intention to move the body. However, it is difficult for one person to perceive another person’s muscle activity in visual contact. Our device allows to directly interact with muscles, enabling people to open a new communication channel and to create kinesthetic contents for assisting the rehabilitation and the product design.

Exhibition content

We present our concept and the developed devices for synchronizing kinesthetic experience among people. The device is also capable of reproducing Parkinson’s hand tremor, allowing visitors to learn embodied experience of the impairment while using eating utensils. We also demonstrate an another installation, which allows people to react faster to grab a dropping pen by the device intervention to muscles.