Technical details

You can understand someone such as a dementia person by using our VR contents. We have given seminars by using VR for understanding the feelings of other people.

More than 20,000 people experienced our VR contents.
And now, we have created new content that can understand sexual minorities.
In Japan, many people are prejudiced against the people sexual minorities yet.
Our VR contens and our seminars can change their mindset and have been evaluated by people who experienced them.
Because we made VR contens with the person of dementia and sexual minorities with very strong passion.

Exhibition content

You can actually experience “Change your mindset by using VR” at the venue. You can watch videos of the comments from the person of dementia, sexual minorities.
We made our VR contents with the persons.
Contens: ・ Dementia
· Generation gap
· Developmental disorders
· Working mother, father etc.