Technical details

FairLift is an interaction system involving mid-air images, which are visible to the naked eye under and on a water surface. In this system, the water surface reflects the light from micro-mirror array plates, and a mid-air image appears.
The system enables a user to scoop up the mid-air image with their palms by controlling the image position of a light-source display from the water level measured with an ultrasonic sensor. The contributions of this system are enriching interaction with mid-air images and addressing the limitations of conventional water-display systems.
The reality that FairLift can augment is not only the static water surface space. For example, the system can present a mid-air image on the water surface of a fountain and a road wet from rain.

Exhibition content

FairLift provide an experience for users to scoop up a mid-air image of fairy that appeared on the water surface with their palms.