Technical details

We developed a toothbrush system with three functions.
First, you can observe the mouth while brushing your teeth.
Second, colorless transparent and invisible plaque can be visualized.
Thirdly, it is a system characterized by being able to make it formalized by digitizing the inside of the oral cavity that the professional judges by sensation.
In addition, the numerical value which is the feature of this system aims to provide value (health etc) which even users can not know, without largely changing the lifestyle. In the future, we will evolve into a system that causes major breakthrough in preventive medicine by linking with other vital data.

Exhibition content

We provide the value of real feeling to your tooth brushing.
This system can visualize invisible dental plaque while brushing teeth without using special medicine. Furthermore, by digitizing the degree of contamination by plaque, you can realize a toothbrush that you do not realize. In addition, by understanding the habit of brushing teeth and supporting definite plaque removal, you can see the near future system leaving teeth until 100 years old.