Technical details

The retroreflector is a kind of optical device, which can reflect incident light to the light source. The device is often used as the optical marker for machine vision since it becomes very bright in the scene and easy to be detected by image processing.
Most of the conventional retroreflector are made of glass or plastic. Thus, it is difficult to apply them to some fields such as foods or inner wall of digestive organs, because there is the risk of accidental ingestion of the device, which may cause severe health problem.
To solve this problem, edible retroreflector made from transparent foodstuffs was developed. The developed prototype was applied as an optical marker on foods, and dynamic projection mapping on foods was demonstrated. Such device is also expected to work as an optical marker for the inner wall of digestive organs.

Exhibition content

This installation will demonstrate how the edible retroreflector can be applied to the practical scene. The supposed scene is a cafeteria in an amusement park. A visitor will be handed a tray loaded with a pancake on a dish, and be able to interact with a projected charactor on the pancake.
Visitors also be able to see, touch and even taste the prototype of the edible retroreflector.