Technical details

Musiarm is a new prosthetic arm that realizes intuitive performance expression which made part of the body function as a musical instrument by fusing the body expression and music expression, considering the physical characteristics of handicapped people as “value”. We will change the prosthetic arm paradigm of extending the entertainment of prosthetic arm and compensating for obstacles. Currently, there are two types, one of which converts the distance data obtained by using the up and down movement of the arm to MIDI data and plays the sound, and the other that plays the sound by mapping the scale to the contact position. It is possible to acquire the angle and rotation of the arm and apply an effect to the sound. A high degree of freedom of performance, which is different from ordinary musical instrument performance, draws out the expressiveness of self that is created by the individual experience and customs.

Exhibition content

“Musiarm” combining prosthetic arm and musical instruments brings out the expressiveness of one’s own by making the instruments used as tools a part of the body. At the venue on the day, we will exhibit all four types of Musiarm (TronS, Eleee, Bileee, Drible) developed so far and also have sessions experiences among people who actually visited.