Dr.Yoichi Ochiai and his research group (Digital Nature Group and Pixie Dust technologies.inc) have focused on the research of the relationship between waves, material, and intelligence by computational environments towards building feedback loops between Human Intelligence and Machine Intelligence.In this session they will present these achievements in Live-Demo. From the viewpoint of computer science research, they are prototyping the systems to combine wave engineering, bio- & meta- materials by digital fabrication and deep learning in order to find out the new ecosystem in the digital age.

As the series of their prototyping, they are developing software that can output the alternative cloth design of famous designers through deep learning in order to build making loops between ordinary designers and machine intelligence, developing automized wheelchairs, artificial hands, artificial legs as part of body aid and forming loops including the spatial recognition of machine intelligence with relationship between light, sound and human body. All of these projects stand on the linkage between digital fabrication technology, wave engineering technology and machine learning technology. What you see in such prototypes is a direction different from modern standardized social forms, modern mass production formats or mass communication styles. They define their view of the world as computational incubated diversity, and by tackling the expansion of the body, expansion of production process, audio-visual communication by holographic wave engineering for individual communication, and machine intelligence. They are trying to figure out the digital-age ecosystem by these emerging technologies. This is what they always keep in mind in the process of combining art, science and technology, and thereby trying to solve real social problems by these technology. The technology meme called as Technium that arises there seems to be Japanese-style and has its own cultural perspective as well.

October 29, Sunday
3:30PM-5:00PM (Doors Open 3:20PM)
Center Stage, 1st Floor
  • Yoichi Ochiai
    Media Artist / University of Tsukuba, Adovisor to President, Assistant Professor