Technical details

Clothcreen is a displaying method that displays fine patterns on the surface cloth of soft products such as stuffed toys, clothing and cushions. This technology augments everyday commodities to Deformable User Interfaces (DUI) with fluorescent-pattern displays. Furthermore, it can enhance the aesthetics of furnitures and expand the ways of playing soft toys by displaying pictures on the surface of them. Clothcreen realizes fine patterns on cloth while retaining the softness and portability. This is achieved by combining fluorescent ink and UV light; specifically, we inkjet-print the patterns on cloths with transparent ink and embed a UV light source inside the soft object.


Exhibition content

Clothcreen is a displaying method on the surface of soft products made of cloths. It realizes softness, display quality and portability. It can be applied to various objects made of cloth. In particular, it decorates living space and augments the ways of playing soft toys by applying it to furnitures and soft toys. We will demonstrate the building block cushions that display pictures on the surface when you push or grasp them at the exhibition.