Digital Content Expo (DC EXPO) is an event focused on digital content technology and many of creators, engineers and researchers active in the front lines in the world gather together, exhibit most advanced technology and conduct such other various programs as symposiums, seminars and workshops. It has been held annually since 2008 to contribute to the development of the content industry.

Currently, DC EXPO is a two-part event consisting of Innovative Technologies and Content Technology Showcase (CTS). Innovative Technologies is METI’s event meant for the development of the digital content industry and DCAJ helps organize it at METI’s request; CTS is DCAJ’s event and conducted through the collaboration of DCAJ and participating companies and institutions.

By participating in Content Technology Showcase (CTS) of DC EXPO, you can disseminated information about your company or institution and its technology not only to the visitors to DC EXPO but also to the world through broadcast media, print media and social media which cooperate with DC EXPO. Also, as exchange between participants is encouraged, DC EXPO will be a good opportunity for networking in the digital content industry.

How about using DC EXPO as your advertising media to promote your technology or content because DC EXPO is focused on digital content technology and therefore, the cost for participation is relatively small which might be affordable to venture companies and a research section of a company?

We appreciate your participation.

There are following programs in CTS category of Digital Content Expo (DC EXPO) in which you can please participate:


The subject should be advanced or international information on technology, creativity or business model related to digital content and expected to gather an audience of 150 – 300 people and duration should be 60 – 90 minutes.


It should have a subject concerning technology, creativity or business model related to digital content and aim at promoting learning on technology, creativity and business model for experts and students in the field. It is supposed to gather an audience of 30 – 100 people and take 60 – 90 minutes.


This is mainly for elementary and junior high school students and to let them experience something related to technology, creativity or business model of digital content and get them interested in learning through the experience. It should be able to attract 20 – 50 children and duration should be 30 – 90 minutes.


The exhibit should have a theme about technology, creativity or business model related to digital content and it can be demonstrated at the booth using laboratory equipment or video footage. The exhibit should be there for full four event days and it should be always attended by someone who can give a full account of it.

Stage Events

This is a demonstration of a subject about technology, creativity or business model related to digital content and done on “Center Stage” which is on the first floor (=exhibition floor). It is designed for demonstrations to an audience of 100 – 150 people for 10 – 50 minutes.

How to Apply to Participate

Please read the Guide and apply for participation using the application form.

Please contact Kazunobu Funami or Chieko Omori of Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ) at , if there are any questions.