• 1F Exhibition Hall
  • 7F Innovation Hall
1F Exhibition Hall
A Hand-rewriting B Media block chair
C The world's first Head-Up Display to project augmented reality information in front of the windscreen D enchant.js
E User-friendly Real-time Heart Beat Simulator F Transparent Prius
G Integral three-dimensional television H New 3D Broadcast System that is compatible with conventional 2D television set
I New Tactile Feeling Touch Panel (Real tactile feeling) J DIVE into World Heritage 3D
K Facial Expression Mimicking Avatar System L Mathematical model for hit phenomena
M Virtual body technology for reliving the experience of others N "Whirled Worlds": twirling interface for "mobile ambient," "practically panoramic" whole-body entertainment
O Human Interface Using Two-Dimensional Signal/Power Transmission P QUMARION
Q Augmented Satiety R Pinch: an interface for connecting multiple smartphone screens
S Agni's Philosophy T Substitutional Reality: SR
U MM-Space: Meeting Space Re-Creation for Next Generation Video Conference V ECCO: A Tentacle Robot
01 SHelective 02 Radi-Hey
03 MRsionCase 04 Research of Digital Lead Design Process
05 KADEN Project 2012 06 Let's play with, use and talk about: HTML5
07 The mysterious world with projectors 08 International 3D Society Lumiere Japan Award 2012 Award-winning Play
09 Ultimate VFX  created for a drama  "Antarctica" 10 Pluralistic Digital Archives Series
11 Gocen:a Handwritten Notational Interface for Musical Performance and Learning Music 12 Exhibiting Contents (map, weather,etc) over Browser in 3D format
13 Virtual Humanoid 14 Transmedia Contents trend in India
15 Works of 3D Art 16 Gnzo - Catch more videos:  Multiple Internet Videos  Played Simultaneously
17 nagarami:  "Info-therapy Interior Product" in the Age of Smart TV 18 Technologies to create human friendly high-realistic visual contents
19 doremo3D 20 The direction of urban space  by Virtual Reality  and Augmented Reality  technology
23 Smart Content Showcase of Korea 24 FUTUR EN SEINE /  DIGITAL WORLD FESTIVAL  13 - 23 June 2013, Paris Region
25 SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012 26 Sensational VR world: Fusion of 3D images and crossmodal
27 Quad Full HD (4K) TV[84 inch]  (Reference Exhibit)
7F Innovation Hall
28 20th International Collegiate Virtual Reality Contest (IVRC2012) Final Round
a ViVi-EAT b Pearch on My Arm!
c Momentary Syonen Marumaru  ~The MANGA Generator~ d Anatomia
e a f Augmented "Nodogoshi"
g Polka Dot  - The garden of the water spirits - h Virtual Doctor Fish
i Dried bonito display Youth Category
Youth Category
j Academic Pack k SDG