• Oct.25(Thu)
  • Oct.26(Fri)
  • Oct.27(Sat)
1F Center Stage 3F Science Library 7F Conference Room 1 7F Conference Room 2 7F Conference Room 3 7F Mirai CAN Hall

Time schedule stated on the program would be the starting time of the play.


Oct.25(Thu) ASIAGRAPH 2012: The Master's Award (Takumi-Sho) and Creator's Award (Tsumugi-Sho) Commemorative Symposium 11:00~12:30 Mirai CAN Hall Innovative Technologies Short Presentations  11:10~12:45 Center Stage 3D University Japan 2012 - Opening Session 14:00~14:45 Mirai CAN Hall International 3D Awards Lumiere Japan 2012 Ceremony 15:00~17:00 Mirai CAN Hall Discovering psychology of visual expression: from cases of match to action and the Kuleshov effect in film editing. 13:30~14:50 Conference Room 1 Market trend of Japanese content industry in 2011 15:20~15:50 Conference Room 1 ASIAGRAPH CGArtGallery Kids CG Workshop 10:30~17:00 Science Library


Oct.26(Fri) Challenges as 24hr a day 3DTV Network in US 10:30~12:00 Mirai CAN Hall Challenges for documenting the polar bear's world in 3D.  13:15~14:45 Mirai CAN Hall Current approaches and future tasks on 3DTV 13:15~14:45 Mirai CAN Hall ASIAGRAPH CGArtGallery Kids CG Workshop 10:30~17:00 Science Library Kamishibai* Performer VS Science Communicator *Picture-card show 10:05~10:50 Center Stage Innovative Technologies Short Presentations 11:10~11:50 Center Stage The latest trend of Transmedia Contents in India and our high level of digital contens creation skill are presented with actual demonstrations 14:10~14:50 Center Stage Global Business Trend and Future of Digital Media presented by Deloitte 会議室1 15:30~16:50 Conference Room 1 Expansion of HMDs and their contents 13:00~15:00 Conference Room 2 The Future of UI in Digital Content 15:30~16:50 Conference Room 2 State-of-the-art Technologies for 3D Conversion in Hollywood 17:15~18:45 Mirai CAN Hall


Oct.27(Sat) Innovative Technologies Short Presentations  10:10~10:50 Center Stage What is NicoNico Gakkai Beta trying to change ? 11:15~12:50 Center Stage VOCALOID Trans-Pacific Project 13:10~13:50 Center Stage Agni's Philosophy - FINAL FANTASY REALTIME TECH DEMO 14:10~14:50 Center Stage Memorial Lecture on the SpeechJammer that received 2012 Ig nobel prize  15:15~15:45 Center Stage 20th International Collegiate Virtual Reality Contest Awards Ceremony 16:10~17:00 Center Stage The 2nd Symposium on 「高齢者クラウド」 10:30~12:45 Conference Room 1 Animation Master Class 2012 10:30~17:00 Conference Room 2 ASIAGRAPH CGArtGallery Kids CG Workshop 10:30~17:00 Science Library