Now acception applications for Participation Programs! DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2010 October 14 - 17 in Odaiba, Tokyo. There will be a plenty of fascination events again this year.Details of each event to be announced at the end of August. Details

Important Dates

  • “International 3D Symposium Part 1: I got it! That’s what 3D is all about!”
  • Solutions will be sought from new perspectives to spread the stereoscopic 3D imaging technology, considering how to simply explain the technology to users and creators and find such applications as trigger the widespread use of the technology. Kazuhiko Nishi, founder of ASCII and one of the most famous IT-related businessmen in Japan; Rika Yukimasa, cooking show hostess and producer of the learning website “Naruhodo! Agent;; Takashi Kawai, professor at Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University; and Koji Watanabe, CEO of GTV, Inc. and author will discus the subject

    Time: 10/22, Thu. 3:00 – 4:50PM
    Place: Mirai ”CAN” Hall, Miraikan

    Kawai Takashi, Professor at Faculty of Science and Engineering of Waseda University
    Kazuhiko Nishi, Professor at Graduate School of Arts Information, Shobi University
    Rika Yukimasa, Representative of Rekids Co., Ltd./Cooking Show Hostess
    Koji Watanabe, CEO of GTV, Inc./Author

    • “The Fascination with Outer Space Viewed in Super High Definition”
  • - A Must-attend for Every Space Enthusiast!

    Galileo Galilei saw the space with astronomical telescope for the first time in history in 1609. The telescope with a 4-centimeter aperture is a child’s toy from our current standard but the space watched through it might have been quite astonishing to Galilei. Since then, many of mysteries have been solved in accordance with the development of technology. Year 2009 which is 400 years since then is an International Year of astronomy and it is full of events related to astronomy.
    Yasunori Matogawa, Emeritus Professor at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Keiichi Kubota, Director-General of NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories will discuss about mysteries of the universe and the development of imaging technology with Michitaka Hirose, Professor at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo as moderator.

    Time: 10/23, Fri. 1:30 – 2:40PM
    Place: International Conference Hall, Koryukan

    Yasunori Matogawa, Emeritus Professor at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

    • “Wedding Photo Editing by Experts of Games-Music Fusion”
  • - A Must-attend for Every Space Enthusiast!

    You will have a new experience from the combination of “KongKongSongMaker,” an automatic music composing engine which has been proudly launched by Yamaha, and web technology from Indi Software Co., Ltd. which is developing video games and various web applications. If you upload pictures taken at your wedding which is one of the proudest moments of your life, to “HappyWeddingMagic,” a slideshow combined with original appropriate background music will be automatically and instantly created. Pictures are analyzed in terms of lightness and number of people, etc. and original music is automatically composed. Come and enjoy the experience!

    Time: 10/23, Fri. 11:00 – 12:00PM
    Place: Mirai “CAN” Hall, Miraikan

    Hideyuki Suda, Chief of Net Business Group, Sound Technology Development Center, Yamaha

  • ASIAGRAPH CONTEX International 3D Fair Digital Content Grand Prix Human Resource Development Seminars e-sports Festival