We will present a new possibility for music performance expanded by technology, using Yamaha Corporation’s AI Ensemble System, which allows machines to understand and accompany human music performance.

Live performances will be held in Innovation Hall on the 7th floor of National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) during Digital Content Expo 2017. In the performance, the AI Ensemble System follows human music performance and plays in harmony.

There will be two series of performances: a two-piano series and an ensemble series featuring an euphonium. The two-piano live performance will feature Akai Ryusei or Yomi who are both active pianists on the Internet, and the AI Ensemble System which will reproduce Matsuken-sensei’s piano performance while synchronizing with the human pianist’s performance. The euphonium live ensemble will be a virtual duet or quartet featuring euphonium performance by Yoh Imamura accompanied by AKIBA WINDS’ performance reproduced by the AI Ensemble System.


・Reservation is necessary. Please use Peatix to reserve a seat.
・When reservation is completed, a QR code will be issued. Please print the code and bring the printed paper to the reception desk or show the code on your smartphone at the reception desk. The reception desk will be beside the elevator hall of the 7th floor.
・Some seats might be available on the day of the performance. Please go directly to the reception desk on the 7th floor and ask.

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TimeOct 27, FridayOct 28, SaturdayOct 29, Sunday
11:00Akai RyuseiAkai Ryusei
13:00Yoh ImamuraYoh Imamura
14:00Yoh ImamuraAkai RyuseiAkai Ryusei
14:30Akai Ryusei
15:30Yoh Imamura
16:00Akai RyuseiYoh ImamuraYoh Imamura
※ To enter the exhibition area on the 1st floor on October 27, Friday, a business day, you need to make a reservation.
※ The program is subject to change.


Akai Ryusei (Piano)

Akai Ryusei is a pianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger.
He began his music career in 2008. He engages mainly in uploading his music videos to video sharing websites and making his own CDs. He is also a leader of the jazz band “Tokyo Active NEETs,” and a producer of the orchestra “Symphony Active NEETs.” Now he is a leading musician in the area of Dōjin instrumental music. He has been invited to events all around the world, produced “Niconico Chokaigi,” took part in “Brain Fluid Explosion Girl” as a pianist, appeared in the magazine “Monthly Piano” for serial, played in the back band for the TV show “Anipara Ongakukan,” and has created game music for SEGA and KONAMI.

Yomi (Piano)

Yomi is a pianist and composer. He focuses not only on music but also in various fields and transforms his original ideas into music.
In addition to tying up with a number of companies with making lyrics, he is also making musical scores as well. Over 40,000 people subscribes to his YouTube channel. His song “D’s Adventure Note” was chosen from public submissions as a required repertoire in the first national competition of “Taiko no Tatsujin,” and the youngest composer to be chosen. His song was chosen for the 2015 competition as well.

Yoh Imamura (Euphonium)

Yoh Imamura graduated from Saitama Prefectural High School of the Arts, Music Department, and took part in the honor roll student graduation concert. After that she studied at Nihon University College of Art, and Shobi College of Music Diploma course. 
She won many awards at music competitions, such as Osaka International Music Competition (third prize with no first and second prize winner). Her double bell euphonium performance was taken up by the newsletter of Japan Euphonium Tuba Association.
She also offered her performance to the Yamaha’s performance support application “Fukouyo Ensemble - Welcome to the Kitauji High School Concert Band.” She is a member of “Ensemble PETS,” “Koedo Wind Ensemble,” “moiphics” and “Des quartet!”
She uses YEP-842 as her instrument.