Technical details

DAHLES is a system that connects multiple devices, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, and delivers a large scale synchronized live AR experience to its users. When applied, projected visuals of realistic virtual characters or objects can be shared between vast number of users in the same room.
While HoloLens does by default support sharing between a few users in a room few square meters wide, technical issue occurs when it's placed in a room tens of square meters wide with hundreds of people.
DAHLES technology is the answer to real life situation problems. For example, how will HoloLen’s position tracking work in a room too big for its sensors to reach? How will it solve network congestion in a crowded space? How will it manage the alive monitoring of multiple devices? Additionally, how can we deliver the same experience to users without HoloLens? DAHLES is the framework of live AR experience that incorporates these technologies and ideas.

Exhibition content

Our exhibition booth will demonstrate the concept of how the DAHLES system will synchronize and deliver the same live AR experience to different audiences - those watching in the flesh with or without HoloLens and those watching through live streaming.
Visitors at the booth wearing a HoloLens will be able to see a dancing vocaloid virtual diva Hatsune Miku dressed in a Japanese courtesan kimono. She also appeared in the show called “Chokabuki Kuruwa Kotoba Awase Kagami” which was held at an event called Niconico Chokaigi 2017 (organized by Dwango).