Technical details

We developed a technology that transports airborne fragrance by ultrasound-driven airflows.
With this technique, users wearing no instruments can feel scents that comes from a distant by their nostrils.
This technique has the following unique features:
1) The ultrasound-driven air flow keeps its narrow cross-section away from the instrument, which allows to present localized fragrance to users.
2) Fragrant objects and the device can separately and independently placed. The objects can be generic ones located in the environment.
3) With a peoper spatial configuration of the instrument, removal of odor is even possible.
We expect that the novelty of the system lies in controlling the odor around the users, not only displaying prepared artificial scents to users.


Exhibition content

Atendees are going to experience the airborne fragrance that is transmitted by our system.
The fragrance travels in the air over a distance.
Our system lets the presented fragrance tracks the moving face of the atendee.