Technical details

This technique can improve reality of Virtual Reality experience by adding the virtual acceleration sensation to the conventional first person view movie, in synchronization. Since conventional VR systems are mainly focused on the vision, there are quality divisions between vision and other sensation in the VR contents. This fact is one of the cause of VR sickness.
Then our High Reality Headset which add the virtual acceleration sensation can improve the reality of VR experience and reduce the VR sickness. Our head set apply the weak electrical current to the head and activates or deactivates vestibular organ which detects the acceleration and head motion. Since this stimulation method, named Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation, can induce light weight, inexpensive, and small device only, it would be able to apply for house using VR system.


Exhibition content

We will present a demonstration with High Reality Headset. With our demonstration, users watch first person view video such as riding on a roller corster. Then they are able to experience two patterns of demonstration, i.e., video without Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) and video with GVS. In the demonstration which is watching video without GVS, users will experience conventional VR experience that their view field is moved though the vestibular sensation is stable. On the other hand, users would perceive higher sensation of the presence in the virtual world in the demonstration which is watching video with GVS. We believe that you can experience the high reality VR.